Hanna Drozdowska has been my accountant for a few years now. Hanna has been crucial during the process of setting up and running my company from being self employed. This has allowed me to save money, be more secure in business and focus on my core activities with determination. Hanna offer clear advice when needed, such as how to structure to assets and repayments a head of time. She is efficient and always reliably prompt with due returns. She is always on time for meetings. She is a lovely person, professional and competent and I highly recommend her!

Petra Börner
The Award-winning Illustrator

iA friend of mine gave me Hanna’s phone number when I was setting up my limited company and I cannot thank her enough for the contact. Hanna has been amazing. I got to her with no understanding whatsoever about paperwork and she sorted out all my problems in just 2 days. She is extremely efficient and very very patient. And as a plus, her rates are very affordable. She is a very good addition to my business.

Rosa Animation
Director  Insolent Candyfloss Ltd


Hanna has been my accountant for the past 3 years. During this time she has always been very professional and reliable, which allows me more time to focus on growing my business and less time worrying about my accounts.

I have found her to be friendly and approachable and would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Magda Bispo
Doctor of Chiropractic
Owner of Wellbeing – Chiropractic

msI used to have one of the largest UK accounting firm looking after my accounts. Somehow everything would take so long… I always felt anxious whether I was getting through to the right department… Each time I’d wait for a while before hearing back from my accounting firm. So I decided to move to Hanna Accounting…. And things changed. I can get thought to her with no problems and with any questions, frankly at any time. Ms Hanna Drozdowska is always there, on time, organised, reliable. I don’t feel anxious anymore. I know if I have and questions, doubts she will be there to assist me with any problem or query.  It is the most reliable, easy to reach accounting firm I have ever dealt with.

Malgosia Stepnik
Owner of Malgosia At Home Ltd


hamWe are a small London-based building business and have been working with Hanna for 3 years now. We had a bit of catching up to do in our books when we approached Hanna and she immediately ensured everything was brought back to order. She is always ready to help and advice according to the best of her knowledge.What is important for us is that we can work together online as our offices are quite far away. We can always count on her immediate action when we are in need.Other aspect of our good working relationship is that sometimes there are complex and wounded issues relating to the nature of our business that are not so clear cut and her approach to finding things out is, in our view, very professional and enables us to make best possible choices. We are very happy with her service, will continue using it and wish her all the best in her business.

Emil Waszkiewicz
The Owner
Hammerhead General Contractors Limited

CHanna has been my accountant for some time and after having 3 before her it was a relief to finally find an accountant who does the job properly . No more late fees . Good explanations on any questions and no mucking about . Just made my life easier . I highly recommend her services .

Annie Fontaine
The Owner



I have to admit two things:
(1) Since working with Hanna, I am looking at accounting and business administration as an area of success and as I think of this a pleasant smile comes on my face.
(2) Before working with Hanna there was anxiety and pressure around this and my stomach started to ache when I thought of the concept of accounting.
I wish others to only experience (1) or if they now experience (2) I wish them to switch to (1). This is already way enough of a reason to recommend Hanna. But there are other things that I want to share with you:
I really feel good when talking to her, since she listens attentively and actively.
She is calm, her advice is clear and she communicates in a comfortable and pleasant way.
She is a very good problem-solver and she is providing realistic, down-to-earth solutions.
Still, the very best thing for me in working with her is this: She really honestly crosses her fingers for the success of Banking Reports. And this, that I feel that she wants this business to be successful is what makes working with her so very precious.
Thank you Hanna! Wish to work with you for very long!

David Gyori
Executive Director
Banking Reports Ltd