As the owner of Hanna Accounting it is my goal to assist and advise small and medium-size businesses.

I am a qualified, independent accountant and have over 15 years of experience in accounting. My experience in accountancy began in mid-90’s. I was a teenage girl trying to make some extra pocket money and was helping my father keep his books up to date in his small business. I gradually built upon my experience and expanded my qualifications by working in accounting positions. During this period of time I was studying accountancy part-time. As a result I have a thorough knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting from both a practical and a theoretical aspect. Since 2009 I have been a member of the IAB. I closely co-operate and collaborate with experts from both the chartered accounting and tax advisory disciplines.

Hanna Accounting thrives today relying on professionalism and supportive, consultative service which can be fine tuned to individual circumstances and business requirements. In order to grow your business, whether for posterity or to realize value through a sale or merger, you, as a business person, need to have a reliable partner. Accurate accounting allows you to have that window of visibility into your business that gives you the flexibility to adjust during the slow cycles as well as know your capacity to expand during favourable economic cycles. Hanna Accounting is the perfect partner as an accounting firm that works to understand your needs and ambitions. As a result my clients receive high quality, knowledgeable and consistent service. A major focus of Hanna Accounting is to present options to my clients. My clients have a choice of whether they need updates every month, every quarter or simply an annual return. I will tailor our interaction to fit your current needs and keep an eye towards your company’s growth. My clients have the certainty that their satisfaction is always the top item on my agenda.